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What is Gendered Product Innovation?

Gendered product innovation refers to designing and developing tech products while applying a gender perspective and focusing on women's point of view - hence, taking advantage of the globally emerging female buying power.

Research shows* that women control about 80% of the consumer market – a market estimated at 18 trillion dollars annually. And yet tech companies often fail to fully realize this market potential and tech products are often biased towards men's needs and expectation. 

Gendered product innovation is aimed to fix this bias, foster product innovation, drive product success and promote gender equality. Through applying gender know-how and research based methodologies we help our clients to better understand women's needs and motivations, adopt a gender-balanced mindset, develop products that adequately meet the expectations of men and women alike and drive equality through the products they create.

Gender Dimensions Model


Creating products that properly address women's preferences requires integration between commonly practiced product design and development methodologies on one hand and gender know-how on the other.

Our methodology and practices are based on extensive research, practical experience and academic knowledge. We understand that gender know-how is a gradually acquired skill, and created the "gender dimensions model" to guide the gender analysis process, and help our customers identify gender aspects that might influence their users motivations, ignite innovative ideas and contribute to the success of their products.

To learn more about designing products inspired by women, please visit our partner's website, where you may find information about a 3 years research project "Female interaction", download a fact sheet and order a guide book.

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